Welcome to March Catness 2024!

March Catness is a fundraiser that runs through the month of March in support of Love for Misfit Meeps, a registered nonprofit dedicated to rescuing and caring for handicapped and at-risk cats.

Purchase tickets for a chance to win one of our amazing top prizes or baskets! Let’s unite for these special feline friends, turning March into a month of love, care, and joyous purrs!

$5 = 10 Tickets
$10 = $25 Tickets
$20 = 55 Tickets
$50 = 125 Tickets
$100 = 300 Tickets
$200 = 700 Tickets

Help us reach our goal!

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Top Prizes

Windows Acer Laptop​

Unleash productivity with our fundraiser’s top prize—a Windows 11 Acer laptop. This sleek device boasts a 15.6″ screen, Intel Core processor, 16 GB memory, and a 512 GB SSD.

SKG Smart Watch​

Smart Watch compatible with Android & iPhone. Comes with Alexa Built-in & Bluetooth call features. 1.69″ Fitness Tracker with IP68 Waterproof, 60+ Sports, Heart Rate SpO2 Monitor, V7 Pro.

$100 Wegmans Gift Card​

Enjoy a shopping spree at Wegmans, the ultimate destination for quality groceries and more.

$100 Black Button Distillery Gift Card​

Up to 20 guests will enjoy an in-depth guided tour of our state-of-the-art distillery, unraveling the secrets behind our exceptional spirits. Following the tour, indulge in a private tasting session, savoring the rich flavors of our handcrafted creations. Valued at $300, this prize promises an unforgettable journey into the world of artisanal distillation at Black Button Distillery!

3 Month Family Membership to Seneca Park Zoo!

Embark on a wild adventure with our prize offering—a 3 Month Family Membership to Seneca Park Zoo! Enjoy unlimited access to the wonders of the animal kingdom, captivating exhibits, and exclusive member perks. This prize is your passport to unforgettable family moments surrounded by the beauty of nature and wildlife.


Movies Under the Stars

Win the ultimate Movies Under the Stars prize with a projector, screen, stand and Repellent Machine! Elevate your outdoor movie nights!

Cooking Set

Cook up a storm with our Cooking Set Basket! Featuring pots & pans, spices, an egg pan, a knife, and a Wegmans $25 gift card, it’s your ticket to culinary bliss.

Pokemon Lovers

Indulge your Pokémon passion with our exclusive Pokémon Basket! Packed with whimsical delights, including an Oddish Planter, figures, 3pc Pins, a vibrant poster, a stylish tote, a themed mousepad, a playful nightlight, Pikachu socks, and a cozy blanket.

Disney Lovers

This enchanting collection features a Led Mickey Makeup mirror, a cozy blanket, a stylish Disney Fashion bag, a dazzling bracelet, cute studs, a chic makeup bag, an Elsa Bow, a Frozen Bracelet, delightful Disney figures, Sully Socks, and a magical shirt. Bid now at our fundraiser for a chance to bring the joy of Disney to your world!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

This winter delight includes a snug blanket, cocoa and mug, 3 books to dive into, a soothing candle, stylish glasses, a touch of Bailey Bourbon, a mug set for hot beverages for the perfect movie night.

Netflix & Chill

Indulge in relaxation with our Netflix & Chill Basket! Featuring a $100 gift card for endless streaming, Apple Liquor to elevate your spirits, sleek glasses for a touch of elegance, and an ultra-comfortable Harry Potter Blanket for the ultimate cozy binge-watching experience.

Baby Basket

This thoughtful collection includes diapers for endless comfort, a reliable baby monitor for peace of mind, a bottle cleaning set for hygiene, a portable changing table for convenience, soft burp cloths, a soothing baby teether, and a thermometer to ensure a warm and safe welcome.

Treat Yo Self

Indulge in self-care with our Treat Yo Self Basket! This pampering collection features a luxurious spa package from Bodywork Unbound, a soothing candle warmer, elegant wine glasses, a bottle of fine wine, and a touch of comfort with gourmet coffee.

Science Rulez

Ignite curiosity with our Science Rules Basket! Packed with educational fun, it includes a 4-pack of RMSD tickets, a dinosaur puzzle toy, a challenging wooden block puzzle, a captivating growth stone experiment, a pocket microscope for exploration, a 3D solar system pattern, 2 pairs of science socks, atom earrings, and a thrilling science car experiment.

Fun in the Sun

Soak up the sun with our Fun in the Sun Basket! This summer-ready collection includes foldable tables for convenience, beach towels for lounging, a cooler to keep things refreshingly chilled, a mesh net for added fun, comfortable chairs, and a stylish tent for shade.

The form is not published.

Thank you to our sponsors!