You can help save a life.

$6,409 of $10,000 raised

Every dollar supports a Misfit Meep in need.

Every dollar we receive is used to support our mission’s goal: to protect the most vulnerable pets in our local area.

Currently we are seeing all animal rescues in our area being overwhelmed by the number of furry friends in need. We know that the many cats in our care are helping to eliminate this problem from expanding further.

Your donation will help us to reach our goal of saving every furry friend that crosses our path.

How donations are put to good use:

  • TNR (trap and release) initiatives
  • Help Rochester city cats that have been abandoned 
  • Supplies for fosters such as dry food, wet food, litter, etc
  • Vet appointments for necessary checkups, vaccines, and follow-up
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Kennels, beds, blankets, and necessary supplies to keep our fosters healthy and happy